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Say Apples!

Today after weeks of planning we planted the first trees in Overton's Community Orchard. For the past three Saturday's we have been out in the village drumming up support and today we had over 50 volunteers turn up which was really great.

The weather was fantastic for planting trees wet in the morning clearing as the day progressed, so by the time they were all planted the sun had come out and everything looked pretty. We had red kites and buzzards over fly us, that always goes down well in the village.

Both local newspapers were in attendance and the photographer had lots of fun taking pictures, both candid and posed. He said if we do it again (which we will) he will make a point of coming along to that plant.

We met some old friends and acquired some new ones. There were several from the local photography group and I encouraged them all to sign up to blipfoto.

There is always the worry that some of the local "youth" will uproot the trees before they are able to scrump from them but we can cope with that I'm sure.

A big thank you to the committee, the local parish council for paying for today, the local borough council for allowing us to plant on their land, the local coop for paying for the food and the very many volunteers who turned up on the day!

There are more images from this day in my Google Album including this image large.

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