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Today has been another fantastic day. We got up earlier than normal had a light breakfast and went for a bike ride. It has been very sunny all day here in Hampshire and as long as you are in the sun it is very warm. We did our normal "1.5" loop - 30 km at at an average of 20 km/h - and again we saw loads of other cyclists and walkers out enjoying the glorious countryside. Probably because we were an hour earlier than last weekend there were fewer 4x4s and annoying cars about on the lanes.

When we got back we had a few jobs to do but I was called by my better half to a collection of ladybirds (ladybugs to our American friends). A few years ago we did a study of them in the village, they are quite fun and people enjoyed the talk and ladybird hunt we put on as part of the study. Ironically my better half can't live the event down and is still given ladybird things by friends and family to this day...

These are your regular 7-spot ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) and I very much suspect that they are trying to create little ladybirds... Interestingly ladybirds were the first confirmed inspect to suffer from a sexually transmitted disease.

A larger version of this is on my Google page if you want it.

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