Life, not as we see it.


CAN'T GET LOST if you don't care where U are.

We got a taxi from the station to our accommodation last night as we could not have found it in the dark. When we got there we were somewhat sceptical as it was all locked up and patrolled by a large dug. There are notices to the effect that there are lots of mozzies, and there are bars on the windows to keep them out. ;-)
Well, what a difference a night makes - slept well and awoke refreshed. Had free coffee, toast & bananas from the garden for breakfast then set out for a wander, having first done a couple of clothes washes.
Chiang Mai is not what I had expected. No, we had not done any research, but were delighted to find that what looked like a brash frontier type of town in last night's dash through is in fact a charming university city. Much culture in evidence, with an abundance of Bhudist temples. More than 300 at the last count.
Sunday is street market day so off we went, Bhats at the ready. No market to be seen so we went for a Thai massage instead. Ow! Ow! Help ma boab did that hurt. Don't know if it did any damage - that will no doubt become evident overnight.
After a slightly disappointing French influenced lunch, lots of flavours but no kick, we emerged to find the market stalls being set up. Spent the next 6 hours, yes SIX hours wandering about the market area, and all that time more & more stalls were being set up, selling the worst of tack to the best of crafts. Too much to try to describe here.
All in all a very relaxed day, summed up we think, by the sentiments expressed in the above photo of a cafe front in the centre of the old town.
Tomorrow will involve Art, Crafts, Scootering, Insect Zoology, Botanics and cold Changs, but not necessarily in that order.

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