Just the Withers......

By JaneW

Pepé never let's his size stand in his way.

Blue is a female and as you can quite clearly see she is much taller... did this stop my frisky little pooch.. NO... no it did not,he clearly thinks he is a giant.
Pep's is a small dog with an awful lot of attitude.
Another corker weather wise today,we took Jake on his first ever dog walk and he is NOT scared of big dogs at all ... he tried to ride a husky.I did take quite a few photo's of Jakey and Zoe but the sun was bright and we had lot's of squinting and out of focus,I shall try again next time.
Also in the Wither's house hold today we did a significant amount of homework,they do projects over a term in Eve's case and every half term in Lucy's year,both girls have done us proud... they have made it fun,well as much fun as you can have ;) but what this has done has released them from doing some in the week and they just need an hour or so next weekend,get it out the way I say !!!!!

Loving the book I am reading.... The Other Boleyn girl....

Had a superb night last night,we laughed till we cried,proper tears rolling and what it showed me about the British people is,they don't like others enjoying themselves...... well TOUGH.. if I want sedate I shall sit in the doctors bloody waiting room.. do me a favour,stay inside if you are that much of grumpy twat.The food and service was wonderful and we shall go to Edward Moons in Stratford Upon Avon again.

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