Fields of the Nephilim

We are now in warmer times and all around are snowdrops and hints of greenery signalling an end to the hold that winter has had over us. The giant trees hold host to a party of small buds winking from the ground.

People are out more, people are out later, people smile more and the world is full of hope as spring approaches and I love it.

I adore spring, don't get me wrong I am a summer girl through and through but the hope and expectation with spring is really special. We have months and months of lighter days ahead of us.

Have had a really constructive weekend. Ran 12 miles yesterday, 4 miles today. Have met with friends, have read the paper, have had walks, have cooked good food, had wine and am just very content. ( Funny how I have forgotten the pain of the run yesterday already. It's just like childbirth is this running lark, with the notable lack of fun at the conception) I guess that bad week two weeks ago is gone and I am living up to my journal name again.

Shame I am having a sh*t photography day but there you go you can't have everything and that's exactly what editing programmes are for ( I know , you couldn't tell it's been edited could you!!)


Feeling energised with this tuuuuuuuuuuuuuune

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