Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Cooried In!

Back up the road today for the penultimate load of "stuff" from the old house. Think we left all the awkward things to the end. Ever tried getting a gas BBQ and 2 gas cylinders in the back of your car? Not easy, and there was no way I was going to disassemble the thing after the time it took to put it together! After a few tetchy moments (OK full on 4 letter word moments!) it was in along with an assortment of garden tools, plastic boxes and all the other odds and ends that end up in your garage after 31 years! No doubt it will all rattle about on the journey back to Carradale and, when we get to the "Wee Road" it will sound a bit like a steel drum band without any rhythm!

The journey up to Renfrew was wet and pretty bleak! The auto setting for the car lights decided they should be on, which kind of summed up the lack of light and any chance of a blip. However, low and behold, as we reached Loch Lomond the sky brightened slightly, although the headlights stayed on. This was going to be the only chance of a blip, so we turned off for Luss, where I had hopes of getting a blip of the jetty against the dark skies behind Ben Lomond. However, it was the Mallard Ducks that caught my attention as they sat at the side of the loch, totally untroubled by my presence. Not like the Mallards in Carradale, which take flight when they see you!

It was really nice to get up close to these wonderfully coloured ducks and take a few blips. Mrs Mallard was a contender for today's blip, but Mr Mallard's colours won out as he cooried his beak into the duck down for some warmth!

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