Garry Ure

By garryure

Edinburgh Police Box #2

Bloody typical. In some kind of twisted irony, the day I start to photograph police call boxes is the day I become a victim of a crime and actually need to call the police.

We awoke this morning to find our shed door swinging open. I immediately knew what had happened and what would no longer be there. Sure enough, peering through the splintered doorway I saw the empty space where my lovely Cannondale Quick CX4 usually sits. Luckily (?) that's all that was taken; the golf clubs were still there (possibly a comment on their quality) and there wasn't much else of value in there. Gutted; I only got the bike in August.

Turns out that whatever low-life it was had also taken my neighbours two bikes but dumped them in favour of mine. His were D-locked together and obviously proved too difficult to maneuverer.

It's more of a pain because we were planning on putting a metal bike shed out the front but hadn't gotten round to it. Best get it done before I sort out a replacement.

Could have been worse I guess; it's only possessions after all.

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