horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Tucked Away for Lunch

A quiet spot found
On a patch of sacred ground
By cathedral walls
And resonant hallowed halls
Paper there to read
The day's most kicked-back deed
But the end of peace is due
As someone sits here too


By god it can't be?!?! But it is! A break in the rain!

Quick walk round the block and the chap on the right looked comfortable as could be behind St Mary's Cathedral there. He eyed the courier suspiciously as he wheeled the bike by, checked to see if the grass was dry enough to sit down on, decided it wasn't, and propped his bike on the other end of the bench and sat down.

A quiet lunchtime interrupted.

Got Russell coming to dinner tonight. Then Mel's Canadian relatives for dinner on Wednesday. Then out to a show on Thursday. Really looking forward to the weekend already for a bit of a rest!

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