An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A rose by any other name....

These are the roses that David bought me on Valentine's Day. I hadn't intended blipping them today although had nothing else lined up either! but as I was changing the water in the vase, I was struck by the fact that some of the roses are as fresh and lovely as the day I got them, yet others are shrivelled and withered like the one on the left.

There's another life message in there somewhere that I am too tired to tease out! :-))

Had a filling crumble on me last week. Finally got round to phoning the dental surgery at 9am this morning and to my utter surprise, was told they had a cancellation at 9.30 so just to head on down. Now the surgery is a 15 minute drive from where I live and I hadn't dried my hair yet so after a 3 minute blast at hurricane speed on the hairdrier, you won't be surprised that today officially meets the criteria* of a bad hair day! Just like every other day really!

Didn't see my usual dentist and was instead ushered into a room containing what can only be described as a 15 year old girl! Honestly, I nearly fainted when she sat me in the chair and asked what the problem was! I must be getting old! Infact I felt as old and past it compared to her as that crinkly rose up there!! I can't fault her dental skills though. She was fantastic. Didn't feel a thing, not even the jag!

Dinner over, blip done now just about to get out my list book! :-)) Need to consult my lists of things that need to be done as part of the preparation for our house move. Tonight's list will be the plan for this weekend. We really need to get the finger out as looks like all the building plans for the new place have been approved so hopefully not too long till the work starts. Attacking the study will be be main job this weekend I think (and my most dreaded job! So much crap paperwork to bin sort through!)

Oh and I keep thinking today is Wednesday.....what a disappointment every time I remember!!

Happy Tuesday Blip Pals xx

*Criteria for a bad hair day: -

People can't make eye contact, they just stare at your head....or look away whilst trying to control their laughter.
You boss walks past and says "funky hair".
Your son laughs heartily every time you try and have a serious conversation.
Your husband comes in from work, does a double take when he sees you and says Evening Crystal Tips!!

And THIS has been in my head since I took my pics earlier. Love this song so much! :D

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