An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Will you marry me???

29th Feb.....every boyfriend's nightmare day! ;-))

I wonder how many boyfriends spent the whole day avoiding their girlfriends. Or how many girlfriends were brave enough to propose to their boyfriends. Or how many boyfriends were proposed to by their girlfriends but were brave enough to say no. Or how many boyfriends spent the day hoping their girlfriends would propose only to be disappointed. Or how many men married their girlfriends today in the vain hope that they didn't have to worry about remembering their anniversary for another 4 years.

I think today I thought too much.

I also asked David to marry me but he told me he's already married. Typical! Bet she's bloody gorgeous too......and a good cook!

I also blipped a pine cone. Woopeedoooo *rolls eyes* I was drawn to it as it reminded me of a walnut whip.

And so that's how I chose to mark this special extra day.

Note to self - MUST try harder 29.02.16


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