horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Batten Doon the Hatches

Naturally, having been given a night off the cooking duties for the first time in over four weeks (Mel finding her leg comfortable enough to stand in the kitchen and be handed things she needed) I spent my time... in the kitchen making Battenberg.

I've never claimed to be logical.

Minor issue at work resolved when it transpired the person querying my interpretation of a clause had inexplicably been reading a 'not' that didn't exist into a sentence thereby completely reversing the actual meaning. Yay me.

But tomorrow? Well.... A 'corporate social responsibility' thing in the morning at a local school telling them about being a lawyer (may be difficult without sounding bored and depressed); teleconference over lunch on the company performance; and team meeting at which I'm doing a presentation on our new contracts database. Should find time in between all of that to do some work.

As for the cake... It's for the office. Mel doesn't like marzipan. I love it. More for me? Ohhhhh yes....

Isla was clinging to Mel rather than me tonight....

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