Last last Wednesday

I should explain that the 'last Wednesday of the Month' is our traditional night to be sociable and take a sup. Mr T checked and the next last Wednesday won't fall on 29 February until 2050. Cripes.
But first, a pint and pie, chips and mushy peas at Berts. Then down to Granton to hear Paul's talk on his sail round England. Actually the sail sounded a bloody ordeal but the talk was excellent - he had terrific movie footage of his folks and him as a young boy on their boat in the early sixties (I suspect they were worth a few bob). It was a Fleur de Lys 50' - same type that Insto and I saw on the famous Jura trip. And on his travels Paul caught up with the old boat at Southwold, now lying ashore, with a young couple living aboard and renovating it.
And now.... The Diggery dig dogs awaits. Hurry up bus!

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