730 Blips!!

730 Blips.....2 years, no gaps and still going strong!!

A real challenge today, took me completely out of my comfort zone. Our first day of Autumn threw everything at me.

The rain lashed at the window panes, the wind whirled round the house howling and letting me know there would be no sunrise today. I was still hopeful as I got up at 5am but no the sky was dark, real dark. I headed out to the esctuary round 8am, well wrapped up in jacket, hat and fingerless gloves. The wind was strong sending drifts of sand along the beach while the waves crashed and roared. Spoonbills were feeding at the esctuary standing out in their feathered coats of white against the dull grey surroundings. I watched the sky as clouds rolled by, hoping for just a little break, a bit of light but it was 2 hours before this scene unfolded. Powerful drifts of clouds roared passed as I clicked away, my clothes pinned to me and the odd bit of rain fell - it was freezing!!! But at the end of the day as I headed away, I felt I had a shot or two for this amazing day.

Thanks to you all for popping in, leaving a word or two, some friendly advice and loads of support - I have learnt so much and appreciate your thoughts. Thank you Joe and all at blipcentral, your amazing how you keep this community ticking over, your all awesome!!

I'll leave you with this first shot of Autumn, down at the estuary where the Ashley River meets the Pacific Ocean in North Canterbury.

See you tomorrow.....as the journey continues..... :)

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