The sky was bright as the tide made its gentle turn. Mallards, pied stilts and a couple of herons were feeding as the breeze rustled the grasses. Emerging from the shallows came little crabs searching for the sun, quietly and hestitantly - ready to scurry back to the safe quarters of their burrows, if needed. The sea air filled my nostrils as I listened to the waves forever rolling onto the beach beyond - it was quiet, peaceful and tranquil.

Well, a few jobs done when I returned home - my eyes forever on the sky today, hoping the rain doesn't come for tomorrow, our first day of Autumn.

Everyone enjoyed yesterdays little country church, its still has services every sunday but one in a month - thanks for your words, hearts and stars :)

Heading off to check on tea, roast chicken and vege's tonight - hope your all having a great week :)

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