On the mountain

First day on snow since March 2007. 5 years since I've skied. I can't even believe it. Catherine and I started out with an adult beginner's snowboarding class. I was terrified.. I didn't want to go snowboarding, I wanted to exchange all the gear for skis because I just love to fly down the mountainside. But I didn't exchange everything because my mom and sister wanted to try it too.
I was having flashbacks to the only other time I've ever tried to snowboard. I was 13 and in Colorado with my best friend's family. (Maybe my family was there? I can't remember. Pretty sure we were at Keystone.) My best friend was a natural on the snowboard. I, a diehard skier, was not. She was frustrated with me the entire time because I kept falling into her, on her, ruining her board lessons. The lift was my final straw. I could not get off the damn lift without falling on my ass. So I quickly exchanged my snowboard for skis and happily went about my business for the rest of that trip.
This time, I got the hang of it. I'm not quite comfortable (at all) to venture over to the blues, but my sweet riding instructor told me at the end of the day that I am now a level III snowboarder because I consistently connect my C-turns. Huzzah! I kinda love it. Quickly made it over to the outdoors hot tub for some hydrotherapy with the snow falling down around us. Lovely. Seriously amazing. I don't think I've ever gotten in a hot tub after spending the day skiing. Why the hell not??
Dinner at Relish. Wine, hibiscus gin and tonic. Wonderful way to end a snowy, windy, awesome day.

So this was my view. Taking it all in before it's gone. Enjoying the beauty in this blizzard.

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