Hello, mama!

Second day on the snowboard! Felt a little timid without my ride instructor, Mike. Catherine and I passed him on one of the runs with his little class of tiny riders. (He's usually a kids' instructor.) My mom was in her own snowboarding class all day so she could learn to ride as well. Catherine exchanged her snowboard for skis because she bruised her tailbone yesterday. Sad! But she begrudgingly went on green runs all day with me so I could practice without being terrified and losing control. It is so much easier on my knees and I like the relaxed feeling of just gliding down the mountain. It really is phenomenal. I never thought I would say that. I so wish there was a way that I could live in Colorado and just enjoy the mountains on the weekends - at least. I bet that's a pretty popular life dream. My dad asked me if I preferred the mountains or the beach. Come on. It's like he doesn't even know his youngest daughter at all. I've always been a cold weather mountain lover. My goal for tomorrow was going to be to take another lesson while my mom was also in ride school.... plans changed. Le sigh.
More wonderful hydrotherapy in the hot tub outside of our room. Dinner at Mountain Flying Fish. Sake. Fresh wasabi. Amazing sashimi. In Colorado! Love it. Also went shopping on Main Street in Breckenridge. I just love ski towns.

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