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Wat Pho, Bangkok

Used the skytrain and river buses today to get to Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaeo and the Grand Palace. All I can say is WOW, and that we are all templed out. Enough till we get to Ankor Wat.
Took almost 200 photos today and had difficulty in singling out any particular one. Chose this as it is of the first temple we entered at Wat Pho, and was the most elaborate of them all. However, the atmosphere was so serene and tranquil it was hard to get up and go see the rest. We did, and these 3 venues are truly amazing in all sorts of ways. Style, condition, history, and both national and religious significance. Quite awe inspiring and stimulating.
If anyone wants te see more of them, PM me ( ) (that's a zero after got)
Going to try for Radio City now, and booked for 4 hours of Thai Boxing tomorrow night so there will be a late blip. Quite pricey, but we're only here once as the saying goes, although there are of course those who would disagree.
BTW, I found a gentleman of Indian origin struggling to swim in the rooftop pool @ 07:00 hrs today. He was wearing one of the life belts from the side of the pool, and still struggled to move / avoid drowning himself. Apparently it's a cultural thing in India. Very few people swim either in the sea or "fresh" water. You work out why! Anyway, by 07:30 hrs the aforementioned gentleman was able to do the breast stroke albeit with an eastern slant. Yes, that's right, he went sideways. Goodness knows how. Trying again ramorra.

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