Dydd G?yl Dewi Sant**

It's Saint David's Day and our daffodils aren't out yet.* It's been too dry for them this year and they're not suited to the Mediterranean climate. So, in the absence of any Welsh symbols to blip, I've made a collage of photos of the symbol of my adopted home - Occitania - as I promised some weeks ago.

* I have bought some pots of forced daffodil bulbs to decorate the table at the Cercle Occitan meal after the geology lecture tomorrow night, when LoJ and I have promised to make cawl for 40 people.

The car sticker I spotted in a car park this morning (top centre) reads, in typical Mediterranean laid back fashion: We're not in a hurry, we're retired! And it's accompanied by the Catalan donkey, signifying opposition to the Spanish bull which is often seen on cars here too.

Carrieira del Tarral on the street sign means street of the north wind (that comes over the land).

The sign at the entrance to our village reads: En terra d'Oc - literally, in Occitan land.

The T-shirt, bottom right, is one of the ones our group will be wearing when we go on the Anem Oc! demonstration in Toulouse - I blipped the last one I went to, in Carcassonne in 2009 - here

** my w with a circonflex keeps on turning into a question mark every time I change it.

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