Cawl collage (and some Welsh cakes)

LoJ and I have spent most of the morning in the kitchen and the garage and walking across the place between the two, making cawl for the Cercle Occitan meal tonight. It's been fun, but a little worrying since we'd never made it for so many people before - there will be at least 35 and maybe 40 people there. We usually have a soirée galloise at this time of year (the only time we cook Welsh food), but that's for about 15 or 16 friends, in our kitchen. Quantities this time meant we had to use the huge preserving pan on a big gas burner in the garage - but it's all gone well, the cawl is ready and I've even managed to make some Welsh cakes to take as a contribution to the dessert, using the maen (bakestone) that belonged to my great-grandmother.

In Welsh gwneud cawl o bethau means to make a mess of things, but I think we've done OK today. I hope we can heat it and serve it all right in the salle des fêtes this evening!

My very simple recipe for cawl is here

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