All that is beautiful

By sharob

First trial with the softboxes!

My new softboxes arrived today, 2x 1000 watt, 5500k, 5 cluster bulb, double diffused continuous light softboxes. Nothing special, just from eBay. The backdrop didn't arrive today but Clara's birthday party bits did .. So we just made do with a door for this picture ;)

I need to work on the skin tones, I don't feel that studio lighting is ever 'warm' enough so I will need to adjust my WB and other settings to get the result that I want. But this, as a first attempt, I think is pretty good actually!

Especially when, at 6pm, I can get away with an ISO of 100!!!

So .. Camera Mode A
Things I did, ISO-100, f5.6, 40mm, no flash, meter mode centre weighted
Things camera did - 1/40

My histogram was ok for this but I feel that it's too pale. On this one, I'm more than happy for some critique as I really want to improve these skills ;)

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