All that is beautiful

By sharob

Storm under the lights

My backdrop arrived today so now it looks as though I have a semi professional studio set up going on here! This picture is the best of a miserable and constantly moving Storm. She only stayed for 5 minutes so even though the picture isn't the best, I'm happy with the colours, the lighting and the camera settings .. I. Am. Go! ;)

Storm isn't feeling too well and after I took these pictures, she asked for a 'cuggle' and ask if she could have a bottle and her pushchair. So, she's sleeping. She does feel a tad warm and she does look pretty sleepy .. think it's just a 24 hour bug or just her teeth bothering her again. By that line of dribble, I'd reckon on teeth!

I went completely manual for this one
ISO-200 (ahhh it's so lovely to use a low ISO!) f5.6, 1/50, 34mm .. 2 softbox setup, both on full power.

If I was being very critical, I would say that her top is a little overexposed, but it's not distractingly so .. Think I need another light for the backdrop though ..

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