Life of Riley

By jenceng

The Panda Made Me Do It!

Yep, I've reached my 300th blip much to the relief of my regular journal readers.... so it's time for the big blip announcement!

Meet Blipbear!

He is a special panda bear, a bear who wants to travel the world to meet as many blippers as possible and to be photographed on your journals along the way.

There is a note book in his rucksack, so you can write messages for other blippers to read and also feel free to pin badges to his hat!

He wears a geocache tracker so you can map his progress... how many times can you photograph him and how many times can you get him to travel the world? Well that's up to all of you!

He is also a WWF bear, so if you are lucky enough to photograph him, maybe you could consider donating to WWF, after all the panda made me do it!

I hope you all get to take part, I won't get to meet all of you, but maybe Blipbear will? Now the all important question... who wants him first?


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