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By ajt

Cenhinen Pedr

My mother's father had Welsh connections hence my St. David's Day link. Alas he died when my mother was a small child so she never really knew him and I obviously never met him - so my connection is tenuous at best...

Today the sun came out to play at lunch time so I went out armed with my camera to the large host of golden daffodils that stand by the entrance to work. I've blipped them before: Forest of Daffodils and it was nice to have another go.

As with last time I put the camera on the ground and tried several different shots hoping that at least one of them would work out. They are taller now and in bloom which is a nice development. A few came out okay and I think this is the best of them. As well as my camera I should take a mat or something so I can lie on the wet grass without getting soaked.

You can see this blip bigger here.

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