Embrace the rain...

The recent spell (the british summer) of rain has added another mundane down time over thinking task to my head.

I've done a lot of over thinking about the related merits in methods of stair climbing but over the last couple of particularly bad rainy days, my wandering mind has sauntered along with on the wet walk from the bus to the office.

I've only really been armed with a suit jacket and don't own an umbrella so I decided to embrace the rain and walk headlong and strong into the rain. No hunching or increased pace, just walking normally as if there were no rain there at all.

Apart from being rather refreshing and giving a different feel to a walk in the rain, I may not be getting as wet. Certainly it was commented one of the mornings on how I didn't look to have been caught by the rain.

I think the Mythbusters have already done the running versus walking through the rain experiment (can't remember the outcome) but I might try and do the 'hunched rain walk' versus 'normal sunny day walk' experiment if this weather persists.

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