This is Mihir. He sits next to me in my Thursday night Heidegger course.

Thursdays, like Tuesdays, are simply bonkers (yes, I used the word bonkers). Today even more so than usual, though, on account of a special lecture we had to attend (did have a few takeaway gems, among other non-pedagogical perks), student conferences, and general logistical/upkeep issues of things I'd been neglecting.

Home, late and exhausted. But I have a beer, I have some time, I have the ability to read freely, unencumbered by school matters...for at least a day or two.

Tomorrow night should be nice: Fred's with a mix of Leah's med-school friends, my cycling friends (one of which will be playing in the band that night), and friends coming out from UTA (El Tigre). I expect the beer and the Blips to both be quite plentiful. And since "winter" is pretty much over here (I really do miss living in a place that has the reality of a four season cycle), I hope to get out on the Masi a lot as well. Blah blah blah blah.

Cheers, friends.

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