Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Return of the Killer Bee Blip

We woke up to fog, and drips glistening on the trees. The sun finally broke through around lunch time, so 4yo and I escaped into the garden, where we found our first bee of the spring, making the most of the wide open crocuses.

This queen bee loaded up with pollen, and then flew drunkenly off onto the moor. We followed, and found the first frog spawn had arrived in the neighbouring bell-pit ponds. There wasn't any last weekend, so I expect March 1st, as the first really warm and sunny day of the year, was spawning time.

Later, a Kestrel flew in off the moor to perch on our sycamore, before heading back out on its territorial patrol, and then we enjoyed some impressive rainbows. This bee had already found her pot of gold though.

in golden pollen
queen bee

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