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By sgwarnog

Swallowing the Day

the last piece of the day
one crow

We relapsed to winter, with low temperatures and snow-flecked rain. Apart from a foray into the city with 4yo and 7yo, to spend book tokens, it was a day spent close to home. And then at five, the sun dropped below the clouds and illuminated the moor, so I stumbled out to try to make something of five minutes of magic hour light. Only when I turned to to come back in did I spot this crow on the apex of our roof, catching the very last lick of sun. And although nightfall provided some striking images shortly after, there was just something about the crow.

(Yes, it is a Crow, not an early Swallow.)

Thanks for the hearts and stars yesterday, which made it officially the second most hearted of my blips to date. May there be a summer of bee blips awaiting us.

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