midwife crisis

By lulubelle

Newmans corner

I was hoping for a lovely long lie in.........instead there a mad scuffle when Hubs realised he'd overslept and only had a couple of minutes if he was going to get the 9.00 train from Cork to Dublin. He seemed to have left his underpants on the kitchen table which caused a small amount of consternation between me and Yola.
It turned out to be a lovely day, I had an unexpectedly leisurely breakfast with Yola. It was an unofficial 'no make up day' at school, which meant that the usual 3/4hr of ministrations and hair straightening was not required. She also came back for lunch, so I made a big soup which was good for trying to use up the last of the winter green stuff from the garden. I loved being loved by my step daughter,she's such a sweetie.
I did some Yoga and went for a short run (only 1.8 km) > still v early days. Then made a big Chilli for Me, Claire, Lisa, Yola and Sheila.
Pudding was in the form of Pear Sponge, courtesy of Yola and various other gorgeous teenage boys who came round after school to 'bake'. They all had an apron on and we made chef hats out of kitchen paper, professional and giggling all the way.
After dinner we went to see The Calvanists playing in Hacketts, great evening singing, dancing and shouting at each other. Plenty of well oiled nonsense going. Late night finished off very nicely with a chat & whisky with Hubs & Sheila, bed at 03.00 tired and happy.
Blip of the local cemetery over looking Schull harbour.

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