midwife crisis

By lulubelle

March showers

Sun/rain/cloud/sun/rain/cloud day. Tired and croaky after last nights fun. Managed Yoga , mostly out of competitiveness as Hubs set off for a fast boy 17 km cycle ride before breakfast (who is this fit man I'm living with)?
Shopped in Skiberreen, Yola got 200 photo's printed off to put into frames for her room, so many lovely memories, faces and teenagers doing dubious but fun looking things!
Face time chat with J, D and baby Freya in UK. I miss them so much. xxx

This shot is on the Skiberreen road during a sharp shower, it looked great in both colour and B&W.

Got a fish supper, episode of breaking bad and an early night lined up. No chance of two partying nights on the trot for me, I'm after a warm lounge, comfy sofa and TV anaesthetic - sad but true. A girl's gotta pace herself if she wants fun and exercise all in one weekend

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