New Painting..

I've removed a very boring blip....and now here is today's offereing...a bit more colourful! been craving something other than white, grey and twigs etc!

I haven't touched the painting stuff for a while so decided to get into it today! tried to continue on with an exercise i was following a few weeks weeks ago and got thorougly bored, frustrated and irritated! I realised i was trying to do something that wasn't inspiring me at all....a very uninspiring landscape taken from the book i'm following! so i decided to make up my own landscape! What i'm trying to get to here, trying to understand and distance and a feeling of depth. I can see i'm starting to get some of that here....there are many things wrong with the composition...but on the whole i'm sort of pleased! the foreground has started to get muddy, mainly cos my intention is absolutely not clear at wonder it's muddy eh! so, i'll let it be right now and come back to it tomorrow!

Time for the housewifery hat to be put's a mess cos i decided to play this to use the real good spurt of energy on something creative i always maintain. I can imagine if i were a full time painter with such a passion i'd be a total slob!!! luckily i'm only a part time painter, therefore a part time slob!!! but there's beer in the fridge...and dinner to cook too!

have a great weekend folks!

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