The Graham-Bells!

It is a bright and sunny, but very cold, day here...and it seems to have stopped snowing!!! so i took myself off to Baddeck, got a coffee and sat down by the wharf and did some photography. On my way over to the pool for my swim, i met up with Kate, the librarian, marching along the waterfront with such purpose! we chatted for a while and this is evidence of her mission! It's the Knit-a-thon at the library this weekend. I blipped

last year...when Mable was wearing a very stylish pink shawl.....Kate told me today that she had taken it from the lost and found shelve at the library, and then one of the library patrons pipped up that she'd wondered what had happened to her favorite shawl....pretty funny eh! I love seeing what they do to this lovely statue of Mable and Alexander Graham-Bell.....they sit so proudly there!

Now it's chimney cleaning time....uggg....nasty job, but it has to be done!

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