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By rinkkasatiainen

A day trip to Helsinki

back-blipped on March 4th 2012

I had my first study group meeting on my journey to become a supervisor.
39 more to go. And a lot of work. Something like this

Someone said that the 2,5 year study sounds like a professional qualification for a Scrum Master. Being there now one 2-day seminar and one 2-hour study group, I do see the point. The trainer, a supervisor herself, talks about thoughts and ideas that I could hear in any Lean/Agile SW development conference today.

When it comes to being a Scrum Master, the difference of the study is that I am so heavily involved in the process now. Now it's not time to only ask questions. Not only that, I am also encouraged to think out loud myself.

And the trainer will make us to think and process thought raised in the sessions.
Today, she gave me us one task: "How do I behave when joining a new group?" That is, how do I join any new group?

I've been thinking on starting a blog regarding the supervisor study program.

ps. I'm lucky - this is second time a filter has been broken. And not the lens itself.

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