Nattaset, the 'nameless'

15:30 of skiing.

We were supposed to start around 7am. Due to some alarm clock problems we were woken up by the trainers at 6:15am. And as it takes more than 2hours to fill all the water bottles (we found out that in the first morning), we left the camp around 8:30.

The day was beautiful. Peaceful, calm, beautiful. The guides were Minna (morning) and Heikki (afternoon/night). We had a lovely break at the peak of the hill next to Vintilätunturi with a magnificent view towards Nattaset. Boy was that a place for a break.

Then a lunch break on a very beautiful place further down the hill, after 4 hours of skiing.

Arriving to the plains the journey using the snowmobile tracks was easy. We were moving fast, almost 3km/h. We followed the tracks until 5pm, when we decided to take another long break - eat a dinner and start making our own tracks. The next 5km we made the track to, again, knee-deep snow (with the skis on).

I have to say that I was totally astonished how Heikki kept us on the track on skiing in total darkness - we went 50m off the target within 2km. Awesome.

We were at the campsite at 0:15am, after which we put the tent, boiled some water for the morning. Some discussion on how the day went, how the guides succeeded and so forth. The normal thingy, me discussing, listening and caring. As always.

We went to bed around 3am - the temperature being somewhere between -15C and -20C

On my tent, there was me, Minna and Pekka.

And, by the way, I had an excellent day and feelings.

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