Marking Time

By Libra

The Little Miracle

A blip scoop!

I am the first person tophotograph this albino baby wallaby.

These animals are extremely rare and the staff at Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre near Comrie suspected for some time its existence but nobody had seen it.

I happened to be passing this afternoon and stopped to take some photos of the pair when to my amazement I saw this baby emerge for a few seconds from the pouch.

I rang up the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre.

"Do you know you've got a baby albino wallaby?"
"Yes, but nobody has seen it yet."

"Well, I've got a photo of it."
"Then you are the first person to see it."

Wallabies are natives of Australia and last year this one lost half her tail during the severe winter.
But she survived.

So this baby is a little miracle.

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