a town called E.

By Eej

Saving Fay Wray

When I said yesterday I'd had all the excitement I could handle for one day I knew it would come back to bite me. And it did. I was having a quiet drink, or two, at Pearl's Bar when King Kong started to fight the T-Rex and Fay Wray jumped on the bar and yelled: "Erica! Erica!" in her tiny, tiny voice. So obviously we had to save her.

Eric was thrilled to bits with my photos and kept imploring me to use 'm for my Blip. I said: "What if something more exciting happens during the rest of the day?" He said: "What could possibly be more exciting then THIS?"
He has a point :)

I'll be cutting the Beloved's hair and we have a movie planned. I also see a nap in my future, based on the very short amount of sleep we got. Well, and some remaining after effects of the Celtic Crushes :)

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