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Not Moving

Another early start to a wet day. We popped out mid morning so I could look at mobile phones (looks like Iphone is losing out to android) whilst the little ones ran round the libary with Wife. Wife is still unwell and I am now feeling a little under the weather so a weekend with little sleep has not made for much fun.

There was the highlight of having lunch in a cold Greggs, which was actually more fun than it sounds and the wet and cold at least kept the pigeons out whilst we ate. The highlight of Greggs was Girl buying her own croissant. She was so excited she first agreed to the wrong pastry, then once getting the right one was so happy she forgot to pay. Then she couldn't wait for her change due to the growing excitement of her pastry. She did though finish with a big smiley "Thank you" before returning to sit and scoff. It was very sweet to watch and slightly shout involvement from afar.

Just before we headed to the car a popped in another phone shop (Carphone Warehouse) who were much more helpful than the other one (my network provider) who instead of telling me fibs actually gave me some really good advice even in the knowledge that I was not going to spend any money with them. The shop then excelled itself even more when the little ones started to agrue about who should hold the Peppa Pig umbrella and the salesman told us to hang on and ran out the back of the shop and came back with two old ex-display dummy phones for the little ones to have. It didn't quite stop the arguement but did at least pause it until we were further down the road.

Once home we settled down in front of the telly box and watched a movie, which is when the head banging started. I lifted Boy onto the sofa and bashed his head straight into his sisters by accident. Nearer the end of the film Boy got bored and so decided to charge a bit, when he managed to bang his head a few more times.

After the movie we headed out to the post box to splash in some muddy puddles. Boy then refused to leave the last puddle resulting in a stand off outside the house. I'll give him one thing the boy is persistant but I eventually got him in. Once in they charged again which involved more clashed heads and more bangs. All these crashes did not seem to faze Boy who then (probably after watching at the skatepark on Wednesday) decided he was going to go up and down the slide on his teddy bear skateboard.

We must get him a helmet, though he is going to look daft wearing it all the time.

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