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Today started very early. Boy woke first and just as he looked like he may go back to sleep Girl heard him and was up, out of bed and in our room in seconds. So that was it we all had to get up, and we all were tired and grumpy. Poor Wife is still unwell too.

Boy and I were so grumpy we didnt have the drive to go to swimming to get wet and more miserable. We managed to get Girl to her swimming a bit later and she was very good. On the way back from swimming both little ones refused to nap and so we all continued to be in a grump through lunch.

In the hope of a bit of sea air would cheer us up we headed to the beach. It was very windy and my stone was still there. We played in the sand for a bit and I upset some gulls as I tend to do at the moment. On the way home we found some free art from Los Dave and the Portsmouth Creative Movement which was nice. Girl has already claimed it for her room.

All early to bed tonight in the home we will all wake a little happier tomorrow.

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