Back here again

And it's back to late nights of reading, lectures, and note-taking. So far the course is making more sense than last time, but it's taught in a completely different way, so that's probably making quite a considerable difference.

My day off has involved catching up on readings and lectures (not quite there with the former, but the latter is all good), buying new sunglasses (no idea how mine broke, they just did), and lots of earrings for not much money from the clearance rack at Target. Some are a bit gross, but they were in sets of 3, and they were all ridiculously cheap so it was worth it for the nicer ones. I even ended up with an odd one - the packet said $3, but there was only 1.5 sets attached, so they gave them to me for $1. I wasn't going to complain - the missing one was horrible anyway. And I went to the dentist. New practice, since I've changed private health insurance, and these guys have a better deal. Seemed nice enough - I'm an advocate of going when they tell me to, and keeping my teeth regularly maintained, and I must say it's worked - not a single filling. My teeth may be a bit overbitten and not pearly pearly white, but they're certainly healthy.

Anyway. Too much information. Sorry. I'll stop now, but will just say thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday. They made me quite chuffed indeed. :)

Night now!

Oh, also, I saw Hugo on the weekend, it was wonderful!

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