By Ilaria

Enquiring eyes....

Well...finally finished a long stretch of shifts...AND almost finished a major re-organisation in the house!! Really sorry that I just went away...but things were getting desperate. My house is tiny, and desperately needed an overhaul, and a bit at a time was making no progress. So after spending weeks merely staring at the chaos in increasing, overwhelming despair...I stopped everything, banned myself from all my usual escape routes (such as the wonderful world of Blip!!), and finally got on top of things!! I'm afraid I wasn't in good humour last week as a result, so you didn't miss much there!!!!!

Today I'm off work, the sun is out, the house nearly sorted and I felt able to relax!! Took this shot in the park this morning....poor dog was looking very inquisitevely at the strange thing in front of my face!!!!!! But he had a lovely expression!!!! :-)))))

Exhausted and off to bed early tonight. But am delighted that I've booked a week away to the Lakes next week....I SO NEED THIS!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! Please, please, please...nice weather!!!! :-)))))

Thankyou all SO much for the amazing comments on my last blip!!!! I was kind of taken aback!! You really are a great source of encouragement!!!

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