By Ilaria

Modern vrs Traditioal Art....

Out with a friend today for lunch....after meeting her at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow, where she is part of the choir. I have to say that the major renovations completed there recently are seriously growing on me!!! The art work is fantastic!! A definate improvement on the complete lack of impact previously!! This central statue was there before, but the work to the sides and the incredible doors below are very beautiful....

I couldn't get all the doors in unfortunately...the church is fairly well frequented....
The doors depict 3 Scottish saints on each one, and are amazing!!
The shot is not particularly good...the lighting was a nightmare!! So if you like art...just concentrate on that...and go LARGE!!! Lol!!! If you don't ...come back another day!! Ha Ha!!!!!!! ;-))))

Hopefully the rain will be off tomorrow, and even a bit sunshine before returning to work??!!

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