From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

Dirty old pair of converse enjoying the sun!!

Yippeee the sun is shining and the skies are blue!! Took the pups out for a lovely walk and enjoyed!! Everyone smiles and that's good!!

Whilst i was out i thought i need a prop what can i use i know I'll take my shoes off and they can have a little photoshoot all to themselves.Thank goodness nobody came along they'd have wondered what on earth i was doing and how can you explain to someone that you love taking pictures of your shoes!!!

Somehow i just don't think they'd quite get it!!!

Ninja training tonight and guess what i have 4 lessons oh my goodness 4 lessons until grading day!! Going for my brown belt which then will only be 1 more grading and then i will be grading for my black belt!!! I get butterflies when i think how close i am to that day, but first need to get the next 2 done!! So it's gonna be practice practice, practice!!!!

Right best be off catch you all later!!

:) X

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