From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

Can't a dog get any peace???

I turn round your there all i want to do is sniff around in the undergrowth, but no you keep shoving that camera at me at every turn calling my name, til i look at you!! have you not got the hint yet i do not want my photo taken!!!! Is what i think may be going through Rex's mind at that precise moment i captured this look!!

Last night was brilliant at training, i am so excited i am beside myself i will not feel like this on the day of grading but for now i can't wait for that day to come. There's a lot to do before now and then and i've upped my training by one session this week and next week a couple of things to perfect but my freeform is almost there, just bloody jumping back kick the bane of my life!!! Jumping really doesn't come easy to me and yet i watched a guy doing them last night who made them look so easy, now i struggled with this in my head he is double my weight maybe even triple my weight but he made it look like he was as light as feather. I think it comes down to telling myself i can do it!! Simples!!!

RIght best be off now got to go to a TFL day Target for learning day for Zak who is currently sounding like a teenager with his back chat as he walks around, round shouldered dragging his knuckles on the floor!!! This is only the pre teenage stage god help me i know when he hits 13 in Sept!!

Happy days :) X

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