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A troika of the Siem Reap Ladies Bicycle Club

This at 5pm in the centre of Siem Reap. After a fraught 6+ hours journey in a Transit van from PP. They look so cool even in the 30 Deg.C afternoon heat.
The road from PP to SR is single carriageway, not much more than a UK B road, with dirt shoulders some of the way. You wouldn't think it was only designed for two vehicles as most of the time we were running 3 abreast (Scooter / TukTuk / Minibus), into oncoming traffic which miraculously cleared at about 10 mtrs apart, with a closing speed often in excess of 100 MPH. Glad to have been in the 2nd back row and with high back chairs blocking our forward vision, unless we chose to look death in the eye. No exaggeration here. Our bus was involved in many chicken runs, one of which obliged an oncoming vehicle to cut a moto on his inside into a 6ft ditch. Nobody stopped, except of course the two guys on the bike!!!!

Siem Reap seems to be a pleasant city, but is largely focused on relieving tourists of their dollars. Everything is priced in USD, but payment can be made in Rials. However, the traders faces drop when they see the 10,000 Rial notes coming out.
Off to Angkor Wat etc. tomorrow. Whole day temple touring. Not sure if I'm 100% looking forward to that, but it's what we are here for so . . . . . . .

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