Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Kent gold

Brokenbanjo will give me some stick for yet another shot of the Kent estuary just after sunset. But this really is the best time of the year for sunsets over the Bay and the estuary, as the sun migrates further north it sets behind the Lake District and the colours and reflections are nowhere near as good.

Another I am not alone moment as I arrived on the Arnside promenade to see a photographer on the end of the pier. As the sun disappeared, she packed up ready to leave, perhaps put off by me trying to get some human interest in the shot. But she was stopping just as the cloud turned to molten lava, and the Kent channel was running liquid gold.

And the sunset is now late enough for me not to have to leave the office early. I saw the sun set twice, once from Sandside and then from Arnside, benefitting from the tapering skyline.

I needed the time in the air and the evening light after a tedious day in front of the computer helping with a quality assurance audit. Yawn. I know somebody has to do it, but why me?

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