By earthdreamer

Morning Constitutional

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I was determined not to let the new cycle commute routine slip, so it was back on the bike this morning despite the legs not being too enthusiastic about the prospect. I found myself faffing around a lot, mainly because I've misplaced my keys again. I suspect it's a conspiracy at the hands of one of my inner selves that really wanted to have a relaxing ride in on the train with a read of a book. Sorry ... but that 'me' has got to do a little bit better than that!

The morning dawned beautifully clear and the weather was simply too good not to take in the long hilly route. I might have thought better of that if I'd realised how much ice was going to be on the roads. This shot was taken looking back towards Swartha, back up Hawber Lane. I saw this woman striding out, taking her morning constitutional and thought it might make a good shot. I didn't see too much else on the road this morning. Literally just a handful of cars for the vast majority of the 17 miles. These lanes really are a delight to cycle on.

Thanks for the wonderful reception to the weekend's blips. A bit late back from a frustrating day at the office so now need to get some food and chill a bit. Hope to get back a bit later.

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