By earthdreamer

Guiseley Tump

I'm feeling the need to make the most of the remarkably settled weather we're currently enjoying, so it was another long ride to and from work today. I've always preferred circuits to out and back routes so it seemed natural to go in via Askwith, Otley, The Chevin and Guiseley and come back tonight via my normal long ride finishing with the descent from Addingham Moorside. It's a very natural kind of round trip, although I doubt it would occur to many people!

It was very cold this morning and, even in my lobster claw mitts, my hands never warmed up. Some high cloud rolled in this evening so there was no opportunity, as hoped, for a decent sunset, but I did get to see the local starling murmuration once more. There were not quite so many birds in the sky, and someone thought that the little copse of trees was proving too small and another roost has been found. They still put on a spectacular display though, and their time keeping is still perfectly in synch with the length of day. I had predicted that they would finally close the show at 6.30pm and they were bang on again. So, anyone hazard a guess as to what cues they use to keep such precise time?

The downside to all this cycling is that it leaves little time for socialising here, and I do regret that. But I'm sure there will be some wet and windy days ahead so I can take some downtime from the exercise. Thanks for the wonderful reaction to yesterday's Morning Constitutional. I was dead chuffed. You lot are so great. Just ... thank you once more - until I can get around to drop by personally.

For the record, I blipped this same copse of trees from the bottom road on Boxing Day.

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