Louisa Theodosia Countess of Liverpool

Inscription reads:

Louisa Theodosia
Countess of Liverpool
Born February 1767
Died June 1821

She visited the fatherless
And widows in their affliction
And kept herself
Unspotted from the world.

Lady Louisa Theodosia Hervey was the daughter of the 4th Earl of Bristol. She married Robert Banks Jenkinson, who succeeded as the 2nd Earl of Liverpool in 1808 and was Prime Minister from 1812-1827.
Although she was buried elsewhere, it was decided to place the monument in All Saints church, Kingston where her husband had once been Lord Lieutenant. In the 19th century her seated statue was so admired as a work of art it was for a while exhibited at Somerset House, immediately across the water from the present day Southbank complex.

I love the way she sits calmly watching over everyone, this is such an interesting church, I only went in there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, there are some very old gravestones and statues, there is an 'all are welcome' feel with coffee being served, old ladies chatting while they knit and a tramp with all his bags sitting at the back listening to the organ being played and keeping warm against the radiator.

More about the church here.

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