Blue Planet Photography

By blueplanetphoto


Spent the day at the fair with the intention of shooting Polaroids for part of the day then swapping out for the digital camera in the late afternoon and evening. But, I ended up sticking with the Polaroid. Shot about 25 images around the Carnival area, some manipulated, some not. I tried to limit the non-manipulated images to just a handful or less since this film is no longer available. Gotta be more selective since the supply is extremely limited.

I was somewhat disappointed that this first exposure of the day experienced what appears to be a light leak or possibly a pressure point. I might have left the print sit in the camera too long, though it wasn't for more than a few seconds. I don't know. None of the remaining exposures have a streak.

To get a good manipulation with this the most recent emulsion "recipe", the film has to be warm, 80 degrees or higher. That means for outside work the air temperature has to be at least that and I have to work in the sun. Which means sweat, which collects dirt. And fairs are dusty and dirty. When I got home I felt like I'd come from shooting a motorcycle hill climb.

I'll be very sad when I manipulate my last sheet of this film.

The fair is another place Where the Wild Things Are.

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