One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

bush tucker-eating the coat of arms

Flanking the Shield on the Australian Coat of Arms are an emu and a kangaroo and rumour has it that Aussies are not fans of roo meat (or emu) for that reason!
Not sure how true that is one commentator has written, the South Africans have been eating springbok for generations and the Kiwis sit down happily to a lamb roast and these animals feature on their coat of arms.
He also writes perhaps if the French had colonised Aus they would have taken a leaf out of the Aboriginal cook book and kangaroo would be the national dish!
Anyway, for whatever the reason it is not top of the protein pops, kangaroo does appear on restaurant menus but much less often on the Sunday arvo barbie.

It is delicious, low in fat and high in iron and a little goes a long way. Our local supermarket stocks a small range including these new 'kanga bangas' which will be on our barbie this weekend.
These ones are flavoured with bush tomato, Kutjera, which grows on a small, hardy desert plant growing in the central deserts of Australia. Collected when dry and raisiny, the fruit tastes of dried tomato, caramel and tamarillo....veggies AND pudding all in one!

Now to find some bush tomato chutney to go along with the kanga bangas, billy tea and damper.

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