in the park, at the pond, who stepped through the crocus field to speak and warn me. He told me that he had a terrible adventure the day before, because when we was walking on the path near the little bridge, deep in thoughts, suddenly he had seen flying a Nilse goose towards hem. That he had thought that that bird would simply fly over his head, but that to his utterly surprise the bird had attacted him on his chest. A very painful confrontation, he said. He had gone immediatly to the police station not far from there and reported what had happened. I was a bit surprised about his action, what would he think the police would do, arrest the goose or something. But they had told him that the Nile goose were sometimes agressive. I began to tell him that the same goose had attacted my daughter yesterday, but he was not interested in my story. He said that he came from the tropics and had experienced things there. This reminded me of course of vodkaman and his adventures. But no further explanation was given by the man. He wore a black coat and a black hat too, so I think that that was disturbing the goose perhaps. The fact that the goose came from rather far away made me more alert and I kept an eye on the geese who were sitting near in the grass. The mother had her feathers over the two babies. Later several people with dogs I saw walked past them and nothings happened at all.
Coots had short fights in the water and I took some pictures. One is the blip.

My haiku:

Desperate the bird
Attacks and splash splash water
Fresh and cold I felt

And the french proverb:

Love teaches asses to dance.

There is something particular about the french proverbs most of the time they are rather daring!

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